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  • Invisible? Hardly!

    Safety Programs should be highly VISIBLE!

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  • Emergency Action Plans

    Workplace Safety and ICE go hand in hand.  29CFR1910.35(a)

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  • Who Are They Going to Call?

    One way to improve the chances of your next of kin being notified in an emergency is to use ICE.

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  • Build Your Own

    Start building your Emergency Situation “BUG OUT” Bag with a picture oriented “how to”.  DIY

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  • ICE – Perfect 4 Winter!

    All Winter outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of using ICE  – on the slopes, the sleds or the (snow)shoes!

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  • Adopt A Hydrant

    Get community members actively involved in Fire Safety!   Perfect as a sponsored program event or a Fire Department Fundraiser!

     Photo Courtesy of Cicero, NY FD


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    ICE4SAFETY is an internationally recognized DIY safety system that places the responsibility and control of personal information, preparedness and safety where it belongs – with YOU!


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