ICE can help save your life in time of emergency. If the injured person(s) is unable to communicate, ICE allows first responders to quickly identify an injured person’s emergency contacts and/or critical medical information. 

Unlike less recognized subscription oriented programs that charge a fee for services, ICE is a user-oriented DIY concept that places control of personal information where it belongs – with YOU!

Many groups have already benefitted by taking advantage of this highly adaptable, cost effective concept recognized by public, private safety and emergency service organizations worldwide.

The purposely designed high recognition factor symbol that is customizable makes this a truly unique and effective safety concept.  Free ICE Kits have been provided to people since 2005.

• Put ICE numbers in a cellular phone.

• Put ICE cards in your wallet, car, gym bag, office, backpack…everywhere you go ICE goes!

• Anyone can use ICE including sportsmen, employers, travelers, athletes, students and those who are sick, disabled or impaired.

• ICE Stickers can be used to help denote the location of the ICE Cards, Emergency Medical-Contact Info as well as Emergency Equipment.

• Use ICE to create your own promotional materials to show your support for emergency preparedness.


American Dresser Group PicWhat is ICE?

ICE is a simple, straightforward set of do-it-yourself tools, graphics and promotions designed to improve awareness and facilitate your being (better) prepared in the event of an emergency situation. ICE can be used in most emergencies:

• If you are unconscious and unable to communicate, listed emergency contacts or medical data documents carried on your person can make relaying critical medical information to EMS/Doctors quicker, allowing for more informed and rapid medical attention!

• Special medical needs can be listed on the Medical Information Card such as allergy to medicines, diabetes, heart conditions, a designated contact can relay important medical information to emergency personnel, improving your chances of effective treatment and care.

• If you are unable to communicate to first responders due to a language barrier or physical/ mental/psychological disability, reach someone who can help! The emergency contact person could be a translator, social worker or personal aide who can communicate to the first responder or law enforcement on your behalf!

• When children use ICE, their parent, guardian or medical provider can be contacted sooner, critical medical information can be provided to emergency personnel and doctors!

• Lost loved ones can benefit if EMS/fire/police provide and recognize ICE Lost Child Tags at fairgrounds or public events.

How Do I Use ICE?

There are an ever increasing number of valuable ways to use the ICE concept…

The simplest way is to program ICE into your cell phone using the most effective Non-Language Dependent E. 123 Method.EAP Plan Pic

1. On a cellular phone, add a new contact to the phonebook feature

2. FIRST, enter 01 then, type the contact’s name followed by their relationship.





3. Affix an ICE Reflective Sticker on your phone(s).

• Provide ICE for employees as part of your company Emergency Action Plan as prescribed by OSHA.

• Download generic graphics, tools and brochures from ICE4SAFETY.COM or let us design and produce customized ICE Cards & Tools for you!

• Use the ICE icon on promotional items to give out at conventions/fairs, field days/community and sporting events, schools, safety meetings, business meetings, etc. where safety and preparedness is being advanced! We have a G-7 Registered Printer available for any and all sponsored production of material needs.

Where can I find ICE?

Contact local officials or civic groups to start an ICE Program in your community today! ICE is supported by the sale of ICE Stickers and ICE Cards and the licensing of the commercial use of the ICE logo.

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