This is a little bit more intuitive than using a written list to see what you might want to include in your particular BOB.  ICE4SAFETY assembled a visual list with some commentary to help in your consideration of things you might want to help you in any evacuation from your normal environment.  We hope it helps.

Small Rucksack ERB

Small Rucksack ERB

There are no typical BOB bags and they can range in size from small fanny packs to rucksacks to full blown expedition sized bags to multiple packs of various types, sizes and then some. Many are disguised as something else so they won’t be stolen either before you need it or when you are heading out.In some states, due to highly confusing and oppressive gun control measures, you likely won’t be able to adequately fend off any attackers and you should consider a group evacuation.

There certainly should be a considerable amount of thought that goes into the decision to leave your normal day to day surroundings to escape natural disasters, civil unrest, terrorist attacks and the like.  The time to make that decision is now  – not them.

Some helpful things to consider:

  • What kind of physical condition are you in? Can you carry a fully laden pack for any distance?
  • How much effort and assets can you afford to spend to complete an effective evacuation system at the moment?
  • Are you in a location where you are better off sheltering in place – don’t get caught up in the hysteria to leave.
  • Do you have suitable places to relocate to – will there be friends or family there?
  • Do you have a vehicle(s) that can travel the distance in all seasons?  What are your other options?
  • Do you have any special needs?  Can you get enough support for those needs where you plan on going?
  • Will you be able to rebuild your life from where you are going and with what you are taking with you?
  • Your plan may never be put into action, but the act of regular planning and preparing will be invaluable!

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