IMG_5764aThe concept for theICEdevice came about from personal involvement in a motorcycle accident. While participating in a group ride, outside of my home state, the rider in front of me failed to negotiate a corner. While his injuries were, thankfully, not life threatening, I did not know any more than his first name and state of origin. Fortunately, for all of us, he was conscious, alive and able to talk.

In retrospect, what if I went down and I was knocked unconscious or worse? What if my wallet, which did not carry any ICE information, got separated from me? What if the cell phone broke or its battery died? Who would know who I am or who to contact about my medical status if I was just a body on the side of the road?

Simplicity, ease of use and a cheap price were the most important factors that would provide the best solution to this problem. The ICE emblem calls out that it is part of the In Case of Emergency campaign for safety. It’s simple because once attached to your clothing, equipment or keys, you should not have to think about it again except to make sure that it is still there. The unit is waterproof, non-conductive, no batteries, no sharp edges, lightweight, small and nearly indestructable.  Any time an update is needed for any of the data,  erase and pencil in the new data.  At less than $3 per unit (much less than $20 metal ID tags), it is cost effective to carry more than one at all times. Redundancy – providing multiple copies ensures at least one should be found. This way, at least one unit should survive a traumatic episode and convey your data when you can’t speak.

Small enough to attach to keys, jackets, pants, boots, tank bags and more, but big enough to carry 3 emergency contacts, personal ID, photo ID, medical history, current medication history, screen names, and more. theICEdevice can provide first responders with vital information as soon as they get to me.

One on the jacket, one on the pants, one on my key ring, now I stand a chance.
If I am found injured, with no one around, theICEdevice can convey when I can’t make a sound.

The more I thought about the concept, the more I saw the need for such a device. It makes no difference who you are or what you do, emergencies can happen at any time to any person at any place. Having your ICE information available to rescuers immediately (sometimes referred to as “the golden hour”) could make the difference in proper medical diagnosis and speedy assessment of your conditions. Your family can also rest assured that their contact information can be found quickly to update them of your status.

Designed for the adventuresome but suitable for everyone, theICEdevice is ideal for nearly all activities. Hunters, fishermen, hikers, bicyclists, geocachers, motorcyclist, atv riders, prospectors, and more. At the jobsite: loggers, farmers, commercial fishermen, construction workers, miners, contractors, utility workers, factory workers, truckers, almost everybody.

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