We are proud to continue offering this unique public project to our list of uses for ICE!

It is simple really – we blogged about all the reasons why a local community would get involved with such a project and how firefighters can get additional support physically and financially for this effort.

ice_slider_2Sponsors (or the Fire Department) of a local effort can help purchase the reasonably priced 2×2″ Reflective 7 year outdoor stickers and the FD can potentially “recommend” a donation in return for the adoption of a local hydrant.  The adopting person(s) are recognized with an official “Adoption Certificate” that can be mounted or framed.  Fire Departments (or local Water Departments) can suggest other program ideas or contests and photo ops to promote the idea.  Forms and examples are right here:


 Hydrant Self Adoption Notice Mailable 2016

Hydrant Adoption Certificate  Mailable 2016

Hydrant Self Adoption Form – Fillable Online 2016

Fire Department Adoption Certificate – 2016

Example of Self Adoption Form Completed

Fire Department Adoption Form Completed – Example

Teams of people, neighbors, groups or businesses all can join up to maintain hydrant(s) in the Winter.   This frees up firefighter resources to get other essential work and training done and it also provides citizens an opportunity to participate in improving local fire protection.

We would like to think that someday insurance carriers would provide a rate reduction for localities that have an active Adopt A Hydrant program in effect…..or they might help sponsor some.  We can make that happen in no time at all.

ICE4SAFETY Provides the ICE Stickers, Adoption Certificate Files, Spreadsheet Form to record participants and help with Posters and Banners some examples are on the slideshow below….

Don’t forget that this ICE related project also can help support other preparedness efforts using the same emergency symbol getting people to properly use ICE in their cell phones, smartICE in their smart phones as well as completing lifesaving information forms and ICE Cards bearing the same logo as their hydrant…this is too easy!  ICE is 24/7/365 – for “anyone, anytime, anywhere”

Here is some helpful info from a firefighter:

“When seconds count, having a hydrant shoveled ahead of time can make a difference. Our engines carry 1000 gallons of water, but at 200 gallons per minute, that means I have less than 5 minutes of water on board. I will tell my men to start making their way out at a quarter tank (250 gallons) if we don’t have water on the way from the hydrant. I have to ensure their safety first. Under good conditions (i.e. a warm summer afternoon) it can take 3 1/2 to 4 minutes to hook-up to a hydrant; do you really want us wasting time to shovel around your hydrant, or would you rather have us inside saving your life and property? George Barrett,  Lt. Cicero (NY) Fire Dept”

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