Bummer Dude!

Photo Credit: Dr. Mike Langran - Stay Safe on Snow Ltd.

Photo Credit: Dr. Mike Langran – Stay Safe on Snow Ltd.

Yeah, you got that right!

Imagine yourself all alone and not being able to respond to Ski Patrol that the reason you are unresponsive on the slope is not because you are drunk….but that you are a diabetic!

What exactly is your plan for doing that?  Something scribbled down in your wallet maybe?

The illusion that nothing will happen to you (an invincible!) or that “everyone” knows you – really?

Maybe that supposedly “invisible” safety device that your subscription ran out on – or you forgot to wear?  Oh, crap.

Listen…the only one who is really going to take care of you…is you.

Sure friends are fine – but are they trained not to go spastic in a crisis? But wait –  they are in the lodge…to them you are just another poor sap on a sled heading to the ambulance….and that 1 hour ride to the nearest hospital.  Your buds are still yucking it up…having some beers. You are on your own… Well, that simply sucks huh?

It doesn’t have to be that way….how about this slightly different scenario:

You have an episode on the slopes….first responders arrive…they see you have a reflective ICE Sticker on your helmet…and an ICE Card prominently displayed in your clear pocket window….one person sees a small tube called theICEDevice secured to your jacket with yet another ICE Symbol clearly in sight …heck you even have smart-ICE in your smart-phone phone….which itself has another reflective ICE Sticker attached to it…..what the…..?

Your friends or family are waiting for you when you arrive at the base of the mountain since even the village idiot could have figured out that all those ICE symbols meant something important and called your contacts – duh.  They are ready to accompany you and take your gear, your Jeep and eventually you… safely home.

Your parents are already en route to the hospital….and a paramedic has located the ICE Medical/Contact Form you carry on you that alerts him to your medical conditions….she notifies the hospital you are en route…..

Maybe not the most ideal ending ….but arguably better than the first scenario.

Adopt ICE – use it….be prepared,  don’t screw around.  Live to enjoy the slopes another day…..yes!