(Ebola) Decon Kit

Believe it or not there are some folks living amongst you that have not heard that people are dying from the Ebola Virus and some others have no idea even what Ebola is. These people supposedly vote. Scary isn’t it?

For those of you still able to recognize threats to your safety and take action to protect yourselves and your family, it may be advisable to assemble some protective gear and be ready should the need arise to decontaminate your environs or to be able to assist a potentially infected relative in the event no professional assistance is available.

You may not have the luxury of having running water like in a lab or Decon Unit to shower off – so a partner may have to improvise that for you… this is a real pain in the butt isn’t it? Luckily our government is keeping more infected people from entering the country – right?

CDC guidelines seem to change regularly as does the information we are being spoon-fed about the spread of the disease. Let’s start off with a check list of items we assembled in our own kit. No need to spend vast sums of money. Some likely places to find useful items (cheap) would be a military surplus shop, military base uniform supply outlet, medical supply shops, safety equipment dealer and tool outlets like Harbor Freight Tools.

Decon Kit (1)

Plastic Sealed Container. Hardcover is good or waterproof softcover like a boat bag if need be. If a surplus ammo can holds all your gear that would be ideal if it isn’t too heavy. This is so you can wash off your kit and protect contents from water damage.

Face Shield – Disposable.

Splash Goggles

Disposable Respirator Masks – M95 or M100 respirator

Disposable Face Masks

Nitrile Gloves packed in plastic bags 5 mil, 7 mil and 9 mil thickness. Prepare to double glove so buy plenty. Remember 100 gloves = 50 pair.

Rubber NBC/Chemical Protective Gloves (military or maintenance type) Elbow Length.

Protective Suit aka “Tyvek” Suit with fluid protective characteristics (Reference Lakeland Industries Micro-Max)

Protective Booties or Chemical Biological (NBC) Boots – Disposable

Large Clear Plastic Garbage Bags – Heavy Mil thickness – Clothing Disposal

Opaque Plastic Garbage Bag – Your new clothing attire in case you have to ditch your soiled clothes.

Good Quality Plastic Spray Bottle (Home Depot) with measure on side. Label the Dilution Rate in Marker or High Visibility Label on bottle.

Chlorine Bleach in leak-proof unbreakable, chemical resistant plastic bottle.

Bleach wipes for small spot applications.

Hibiclens Brand Antibacterial Microbial Wash

Water – Water Container 2.5 or 5 gal

Military Surplus Decon Unit or Garden Sprayer – New. Dilution Rates should be written on sides of sprayer for chemicals you choose to use. 1 part Bleach to 10 parts water is the recommended dilution rate for a 10% solution. See below.

Kit in Container for a one shot use may resemble this.

Decon Kit (13)

Bleach Dilution Rate