ICE at Cops & Kids 2010 007 Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained…..still true today!

Is your organization looking for a worthwhile practical community project, or is your business looking to give back to the community or customers in some unique way?  If so, then ICE might be your next project.

In fact, ICE is for everyone – let’s face it, the idea makes sense….and people can readily adapt the preparedness concept to their everyday life…so let’s do it!


Implementing ICE in Your Community! (From Vancouver, BC)

Why recreate the wheel…..they said it well here….

1.    Research the ICE Program (start with &, & Search the website and blogs using the search function for ideas….several hundred pics/posters, forms, news stories, presentations, and some links as well.

2.    Engage a Sponsoring Group (Lions, Kiwanis, Scouts, Rotary Club, high school or college civics class, church group, etc) to take on the ICE project.   Even combine the efforts of private business entities that have a big stake in the community to collaborate in some way (large or small) with these groups as well as the local public safety folks….most would like to work together but in most cases all they do is end up donating money for yearbooks or playbills and such…..with ICE,  people will be seeing their name (sponsors) repeatedly 24/7.

These sponsors can place their name on materials produced that will not detract from the main purpose of the image – to attract immediate attention and denote location of emergency gear, supplies or information.   It is not designed primarily as an advertisement – but it can be adapted tastefully for that very purpose.

3.    Contact your local Police, Fire Dept or EMS Service.   Demonstrate to them how citizens using ICE and being better prepared in an emergency can not only make their jobs easier but improve their community relations and increase the overall interaction with the communities they serve – in a very positive way.

4.    Present your ICE Plan and get their (Public Safety) support. Ensure that they will train their members to recognize ICE.  Sometimes people consider a “plan” as merely buying some stickers and giving them away at a show or upcoming trade fair…..without having sufficient knowledge or support for the many uses of  ICE.

ICE4SAFETY has created a plethora of training instruments including a Roll Call Discussion that can be modified and updated to reflect the realities of your local community – use them.    Public safety people like high profile acknowledgement of their efforts which might be to place a large reflective ICE Sticker on their rigs (let them do it of course) so they can display it when they are on call or driving about the area.   These are sometimes the hardest people to convince…despite the obvious benefits as they are overcoming years of being sole source providers of emergency services…..

5.    Fundraise to pay for needed ICE Cards and information.  You can even use the ICE design to help stimulate interest by using it in fundraising literature or incorporate it into raffle tickets.  Posters can be constructed using the ICE image to announce your project as well – templates are available for this purpose – free.  New posters exist now that public entities can use….professionally done as well. (added)

6.    To create ICE Cards and Brochures:

• contact for ordering options, including the materials included – there are quite a few possibilities and you are not limited to cards but they are the most commonly used items

· use the free template provided by the City for the posters – ICE4SAFETY has a few dozen you can use if you wish to adapt them or use as is…many groups have created some awesome work themselves….the concept and the graphics lend themselves easily to modification and sponsorship.

·  Order the cards from They can be customized to meet your needs.  ICE4SAFETY can also do brochures and medical information forms and current medication forms and even some promotional items from their designated printer like mouse pads or note pads or water bottles, USB Devices and such if you think that would help…..there are many options short of selling a product for profit  bearing  the ICE image that many can do.

· launch your ICE project with the local media ( community papers,  radio, TV) You might peak the media interest by sending a one page media statement and that you are following the lead of others (maybe large maybe small or nearby or far away) and implementing the use of ICE in your community.  Some radio stations may decide to create (or you can use others already done) PSA’s to announce the use of ICE periodically …..

Sponsored either by the radio station budget or a local merchant or drug chain that pays into an existing ad budget at the station two stations did an ICE PSA for 2 years…..and don’t forget these media outlets can use the ICE image on their websites or print editions!  Many have already.

· contact local schools for permission to distribute to students – some schools have alumni day or night and you might be able to have a booth or table where you can offer to answer questions or demonstrate some uses for ICE – even help program cell phones for seniors or kids (they may help you actually)

· Distribution: thru CPCs, school pacs and admin – Some politicians and  groups have sponsored ICE efforts in their community because they actually do represent the people – if you know of any have a word with them and have them distribute the material free c/o their office.

· Community events    Booths bearing the ICE Banner do attract attention – the design of the symbol was for that very purpose in fact……you could create a balloon or borrow/buy the ICE Banner for your event (free – you just pay to mail it) This has happened in a number of events so far…and is successful. No other entity allows that or even has an image that lends itself to this use……You can place your group or community name on the ICE Banner to demonstrate where the effort is coming from.

· Medical offices, libraries, faith groups, senior’s group’s etc police and fire halls, ETC…..  Most anyone who has some knowledge about the benefits of being prepared can appreciate the ideas put forth by ICE and how it can help their customers, client, patrons, parishioners…..most will allow a poster or some cars, brochures to help out because they can relate themselves.  The message transcends politics and other concerns and deals with common sense sustainability issues – like personal safety.

· Sustainability: Keep ICE cards an City website and at seniors events

In order for ANY program to work over the long term it needs to be integrated into the planning and training programs used by the community…..simply handing out stickers for phones is a waste of time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.

Consider using the six elements of ICE as a guide to integrating ICE into communication protocols, educational efforts, training drills and high profile posters and signage that will remain after the “big hoopla” subsides and ICE takes a seat next to the other programs in play…..

Documents on action plans and emergency lists can be marked using the image and a periodic poster or notices can reinforce the use on a continuous basis… can be used in the workplace, schools, government emergency services, personal safety evacuation gear marking, home safety, medical services and health service centers not to mention societies promoting a cure for certain ailments like cancer or diabetes where critical medical info and fundraising efforts can coincide using ICE –  like Smart-ICE for Breast Cancer donations.

Designate a yearly ICE Day or do a continuous ICE Project during Preparedness Month (September in US May in CA)   Since ICE is something that can be used in most sporting events, at home as well as travel and on the job you can rotate where your emphasis is going each month to stimulate repeated interest in that use as people become complacent.  Conduct drills at home or in your office/workplace and use ICE to denote the evacuation gathering places….. (Good idea!!)

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