Honda GenSet on ICE Sticker

Gen 2 Reflective Sticker

Licensing the use of the ICE Symbol is fairly straight forward!

ICE images have been Trademarked® and as such are considered intellectual property.  We definitely protect our right to use them and just where they appear.

ICE4SAFETY has been quite generous in allowing others to utilize the image as a part of emergency documents, promotional posters and to use the ICE Stickers on all types of equipment for preparedness purposes – like in this picture. These stickers were designed just for that purpose!

We reserve the right of people to use the mark on products or for the promotion of services to those duly licensed to do so. Production of  ICE Cards, Stickers, Banners for sale are limited to ICE4SAFETY.  We have established a competent team who can custom design and manufacture these items co-branded for use by licensees and ICE Program sponsors as well.

If you have a product that you manufacturer or have exclusive rights to distribute or sell and it fits the categories of emergency equipment, electronics, education, safety, personal protection, preparedness, or security then we would be glad to consider your product/service.

One strategic business advantage to using a bonafide Trademarked Image® is the legal protection afforded you against infringement by competitors who want to profit from your effort and success.  ICE4SAFETY has on several occasions taken action against persons who have attempted to do just that.

Here are just 2 Federal ICE Trademark Registrations:  Reg#3,827,050  and Reg#3,958,179

We have secured State Trademarks as well, including SmartICE®

Bottom Line:  There are many uses for the ICE Symbols with only products and services for resale or in the promotion of other products and services need be licensed. We welcome anyone to send us an email to begin consideration of your product or service followed by drafting of an agreement on the desired use and the fee for doing so.