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CampingSurvival.Com Sponsored ICE Card

Sponsoring ICE is considered a “no-brainer” according to those who learn about what it can do for your goodwill image and for motivating the public to be better prepared for emergencies.

Sponsoring can actually be as simple as obtaining a quantity of ICE Cards or Stickers to distribute to customers in a place of business, a public building or at public events being held in your area.

Groups or businesses looking to initiate an ICE Program can team up with local  Fire/EMS/Police/Church and civic minded groups that are always looking to provide valuable service to their community.

Just one example… the owner of this veteran owned online enterprise has shared thousands of ICE Cards and Home/Vehicle ICE Stickers with people across the country – free.  Now the company is providing them to his customers with orders – free.  Those who receive the cards are also offered a product discount as well.

Now the company is sponsoring an Adopt-A-Hydrant Program as well.   Did we mention that business is great….

People certainly have shown they like to be acknowledged for their volunteer efforts and time.  Providing something of value that they can use immediately and share with their families or friends is one surefire way.

VPD ICE Phone Poster Pic

Vancouver, BC Police ICE Poster – Canada

Another fine example of sponsorship is the city of Vancouver, BC Canada that still embraces ICE after declaring “ICE Week” back in September 2010!  Posters, Cards, Stickers, Banners, Radio Interviews and TV News, Public Service Events, Mayoral Proclamations and Volunteers working the public transportation hubs to announce ICE to over 3 million in that territory!  Even the RCMP got involved!

Creating customized Cards, Stickers, Banners, Posters showing the sponsor name is something that stays with your past and future customers 24/7/365.   With the cost of advertising skyrocketing like everything else….it is good to know there are some things that remain practical, affordable and most of all – useful.

Just keep posted here or drop us a line and we can offer suggestions and brainstorm ideas on how you can sponsor ICE.