Summer Camp!

Summer camp with multiethnic school kids drawing words on a pavement outdoor floor as a symbol of recreation and fun education with a group of children working as a team for learning success.

Hey folks, Summer Convention and Camping Season is almost here! If you run such a place then the season is essentially HERE! In many cases it can be year round.

If you run a “summer” camp and don’t (yet) have a universally understood and easily recognizable symbol denoting Emergency Response Program elements ,then you might seriously consider using ICE.

In short, ICE (in Case of Emergency) is a preparedness & safety process which utilizes an easily recognizable and specially designed non-language dependent symbol that serves to denotes the location of emergency information. This symbol can be incorporated into identification, signage, training memos, medical emergency documents, vehicles, equipment caches and whatever else your specific needs or imagination can come up with. The system of having emergency info on hand in redundant mechanisms helps reduce confusion, improves timely (and informed) emergency communication. ICE can be used as a standalone concept or to enhance legacy systems already in place – quickly.

Let’s explore some benefits of adopting this simple yet effective process at your facility:

•During pre-registration your customers can learn about the safety process and complete an emergency medical form (with your logo embedded if you like) that they can carry even after they complete their visit.

•Emergency Medical/Contact information can be completed on tear proof, waterproof paper and duplicated without regard to HIPPA concerns.

•Users control the content of any emergency information themselves!

•No third-party service need be contacted for medical info which may be impossible in remote locations – it can be on hand.

•On arrival, campers will immediately recognize the ICE safety/preparedness symbol through use of use of reflective placards, stickers, posters, vinyl banners, hand out contact and medical cards to name just a few.

•ICE is transportable and can be used on multiple site locations without problem.

•ICE is non language dependent.

•The ICE image can be used by your organization in publications, newsletters, posters, handouts without concern. The only limitation is use of the symbol to create direct income or profit as the symbols are trademarked.

•There is a widely acclaimed ICE App – rated as one of the Top 5 Apps all parents should have!

•The ICE App can be adapted to your company logo for a fraction of the cost of creating your own.

•The ICE symbol itself is customizable and in most cases will easily incorporate your organization’s name as well as a logo.

•ICE Contact Cards can be adapted to reflect the name or logo from your organization and which would typically be carried by participants well after their visit.

•Cell phones can be simply programmed using the international E.123 Standard promoted by the UN and ICE4SAFETY since 2009. The ICE logo can be used as a screen background along with an ICE sticker on phones to increase visibility!

•The ICE program can be easily introduced to your local first responders – Police, Fire, EMS who would then recognize the location of emergency contact and / or medical information.

•EMS/Fire/Police can also benefit from using ICE to fund raise during yearly benefit drives and by showing support using 8×8″ ICE placards on emergency vehicles.

•Multiple redundant copies of information can be maintained by contacts and on the person of the participant.

•ICE is 24/7/365 and can be in use wherever you go and for the least cost of any emergency notification system.

•Carry ICE Cards in/on multiple locations – Wallet, Vehicle, Bicycle, ATV, Kayak, Segway’s, Canoe, Motorboats, Backpack, Laptops, I-Pads, I-Phones, Androids, Radios as well as helmets of all types.

•Affix small, large and huge stickers to emergency equipment, first aid and other supplies, firefighting equipment storage, life buoys…..

•Hang a 3′ x 3′ Banner to alert “newbies” about the use of ICE on site and at any safety rallies as a visual enhancement to efforts to increase safety and preparedness at your facilities and event locations.

•It has been said that ICE can make the process of learning about safety that much easier and intuitive.

In essence, ICE is something that is unlimited in potential as an emergency symbol and is easy to incorporate in a cost-effective upgrade to existing efforts or if you have no such system in place.

In this day and age being prepared for emergencies is a must.