We’d like to order 200 of the ICE Helmet Safety Kits for workers at our industrial facility and then order more for our other company facilities shortly afterward.

Paula in Ohio

Well…all went GREAT!  Our company president stopped by during my presentation about ICE and he added that it really saves lives and immediately put ICE contacts in his phone…the ICE Presentation went so well that our company is adding this to our annual Safety Fair next month!

Deb in California

Our plant managers got together to learn about ICE – when I finished my presentation they asked why we hadn’t implemented this program already since it was such “A No Brainer”.

John T. Midwest

Grateful you are able to offer me this useful ICE material…I am a diabetic and my family isn’t that bright and would try giving me insulin in an emergency – killing me!  Come to think of it, the folks in town aren’t that bright either so no telling how I would make out in an emergency.  Now I might have a fighting chance.  Thanks again.

Theresa in TN

“I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your donation of ICECards, Holders and Stickers.  Your donation will be given out during our registration of guests along with copies of ways to use ICE, the Personal Health Record, MedInfo Form as well.  Thank you again for helping our (retirement) community learn a new way to Get ready; Get Prepared”

Suzanne in FL

…thank you one last time for letting me be a part of the ICE movement…I think what you are doing is very commendable…my involvement with ICE has offered me a great sneak peak into (public service) lies ahead.  best of luck …will be following ICE with excitement!

Katelin M. in WI

I just wanted to thank you for your support and help in my Eagle Project.  The information you provided was invaluable and the items you sent looked great in my display.  My project went well and many of our local citizens love the program!

Ned in Boston
Eagle Scout

After reviewing the ICE4SAFETY materials on display in my workplace, I realize what a great idea this is.

I wish there would have been a resource like this when I was in my teens to help paramedics contact my parents when I was involved in a life-threatening car accident. I can only imagine the time that would have been saved by having the information all on one card and easily accessible in a wallet.

I now have a card in my own wallet, and my husband and children carry them in case an emergency arises and they are unable to communicate how to contact me.

This is a terrific resource that is free to the community and a great way to help protect those you love.


I was at home when I must have had a mild seizure and fell down inside my house….a neighbor came to check up on me found me lying there and she called 911 and also my emergency contacts that I had programmed into my cell phone using the “E.123 Method”  Everyone responded so quickly I was told and they got me to the hospital where I was met by my family.”  I could not speak but ICE did that for me!  Thank you!

Ruth in NY

I currently have the (smart)ICE app on my iPhone and would be lost without it. A wonderful app. I want to give the staff info on how to download the app for the phones and would like to give them as much information as possible on this wonderful find that could possibly save a life.

Debbie B in CA

50 year old retired school teacher, Nancy B. of New York was accompanying some retired teacher friends for lunch one May afternoon in 2008….little did she know her life was about to change…

Nancy had a history of medical problems dating back to 2001 when she began having what were characterized as seizures and episodes of passing out (syncope episodes). She was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease from doctors in her home town. Nancy was taking dozens of pills a day to help her deal with the various medical conditions she had.

As a result of her declining physical condition, Nancy had to retire from her much loved teaching career and was forced to give up driving and bicycling as well. Her perfect teacher penmanship skills were declining considerably.

Nancy lives with her husband, also a teacher and her two sons, ages 16 and 22. Nancy has four older sisters. On this day, her husband and oldest son were at the movies while she dined with her friends. The last thing Nancy remembers from that afternoon was coming back from the bathroom ….

Nancy’s friends rushed to her side as she seized on the floor of the restaurant, they were aware of her illnesses and summoned an ambulance. They also knew enough to try and contact her husband and son at the movies…only to find out later that their cell phones were turned off in the theater. Nancy’s friends then tried to locate contacts in Nancy’s phone listed under ICE because they both had read an Ann Lander’s article some 6 months prior about programming your cell phone with ICE Contacts.

The friends managed to get in touch with ICE Contact Susan, a sister living 80 miles away who then notified a third sister and contact, Julia, living closer to the restaurant – and who actually beat the ambulance to the scene…which took 25 minutes!

The ride to the hospital took another 50 minutes and by now over an hour had passed without Terry’s husband being notified. That day Nancy had 1 seizure in the restaurant, 2 in the ambulance and 2 more while being treated in the Emergency Room!

EMS personnel never once saw the medical alert bracelet Nancy had purchased and was wearing that indicated the medicines that she was currently taking, but had found a list of medications in her purse.

Nancy did not (yet) have an ICE MEDICAL CARD or ICE INFO FORM but was savvy enough to realize having emergency contact numbers in her phone might prove useful in her condition.

Nancy said that having either an ICE CARD or MEDICAL INFO FORM and an ICE STICKER on her phone and person with emergency contacts listed using the prefix 01EMERGENCY would have made it much easier for her friends or others to provide important assistance to her.

After her experience, Nancy read a newspaper article in June 2008 about the importance of using ICE, how to program your cell phone and also how to receive free ICE Stickers and ICE Cards from ICE4SAFETY.COM.  Nancy immediately sent a letter in asking for and received these life saving tools. She now wraps her medical alert bracelet with an ICE Sticker, has her phone programmed using the latest methods prescribed on the ICE4SAFETY website (E.123) and she also carries an ICE CARD as well.

The best part is saved for last. As a result of this episode and her trip to the hospital, Nancy decided to seek outside consultation about her condition and travelled to an east coast hospital for further evaluation. Taking recordings from her ER visit that day that recorded the multiple “seizures”,  it was later determined that Nancy did not have Parkinson’s but in fact has a curable movement disorder! She received more medical tests during her two week east coast hospital stay that confirmed her movement disorder and prescribed a course for recovery.

Seven years of syncope episodes, migraines, pain and uncertainty for this formerly active person are now being reversed in physical therapy – Nancy says “I have been given a 2nd chance on life.”  Her friends and family are elated – she is anxious to reverse the entire decline in as little time as possible.

The prognosis is that by February/March 2009 she will have recovered significantly enough to be totally independent again….she is not waiting….she wants to tell as many people as she can about using ICE, how it changed her life and she wants to do it NOW!

She is teaching again….class just started!

Nancy B.

EAVES Ambulance in East Syracuse, NY  October 2010

October 2010 EAVES ha an emergency scene generator stolen while out answering an emergency call…..it was  a story on ABC 9 News…

ICE4SAFETY went into action immediately at 0600 upon seeing the news.  We began by calling a local generator supplier contacts and by mid morning it was looking hopeful a replacement was possible. By 1600hrs EAVES had a new replacement emergency generator back in their Emergency Response trailer!      Free.

ICE4SAFETY also managed to secure an anonymous donor to purchase $400 worth of ICE Stickers and Cards for the EAVES Ambulance Corp to use in fund raising and community safety awareness….all in just under 8 hrs.

Ok we tooted our own horn….toot!

EAVES Ambulance

“I have the smartICE app loaded on my iPhone. I have multiple prescriptions and a complicated medical history”….  printing out (an MedInfoForm) backup from the website is an excellent idea!”

That is truly great news. I’ll be happy to see that come down the line (smartICE) I’d be willing to try it out as a Senior Citizen

Thank you



Darla in IN